Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Junker


Research Associate

Research Focus:

GNSS Precise Positioning

GNSS Atmosphere Monitoring


ISTA - Institute of Space Technology and Space Applications
Universität der Bundewehr München

85577 Neubiberg / Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89/6004-2585
Fax: +49 (0)89/6004-3019
Building 42, Office No. 33





2002 - 2008

Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Studies in Geodesy with emphasis on Planetary Geodesy and Photogrammetry/Remote Sensing

Diploma Thesis

Untersuchungen zum Potential des ICP-Algorithmus bei der Auswertung von multi-temporalen terrestrischen Laserscannerdaten zur 3D-Bewegungsanalyse in der Glaziologie (TU Dresden, Germany)


10/2006 - 06/2007

Surveyor at Qasco Surveys, Brisbane, Australia

04/2008 - 05/2010

R&D Engineer at Vitronic GmbH, Wiesbaden, Germany

since 06/2010

Research associate at ISTA, München, Germany


  • Software engineer within the project "SX5 - Scientific Service Support based on Galileo E5 Receivers" funded by the European Union (EU) ⇒ single frequency positioning and ionosphere monitoring applications based on the Galileo E5 AltBOC signal
  • Project manager within the project "Growing NAVIS" funded by the European Union (EU) ⇒ education, training and research transfer for ASEAN countries
  • Project manager and software engineer within the project "Advantages of C-band and L-band atmospheric remote sensing" funded by the European Space Agancey (ESA) ⇒ benefits of a Galileo C-band signal for atmosphere monitoring using attenuation- and ground based methods and radio occultation techniques
  • Project manager and software engineer within the project "COSMEMOS" funded by the European Union (EU) ⇒ assessment of  the scientific benefits of implementing cooperative meteo-marine data collection schemas, coupled with innovative on board sensor architectures based on current and future GNSS receivers and ad-hoc data processing / fusion techniques.


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