LiDAR-IMU Integration algorithm for position estimation


The Sensor Fusion Working Group at ISTA is interested in understanding how information coming from different sensors can be integrated to enhance positioning and navigation solutions. The main goal of the proposed master’s thesis is to assess the benefit of integrating LiDAR and IMU data. LiDAR is a remote sensing method that uses laser pulses to measure ranges. This sensor has become very popular for automotive applications due to the easy access to 3D data information. On the other hand, IMU navigation is a very mature technology which consists of accelerometers and gyroscopes. It’s very well established in navigation for guidance systems on aircrafts, missiles, ground vehicles, etc. This sensor provides effective attitude, angular rate and acceleration measurements as well as position and velocity.

The master’s thesis will consist of measurements acquired in two specific scenarios, which are shown in the following pictures. The first scenario is “Clear sky”. In order to know the quality of the navigation solution from the LiDAR-IMU integration, it will be compared to the position obtained from a GNSS antenna. (Note: the initialization of the vector state will use a GNSS position).


The second scenario consists of measurements in GNSS denied areas (high buildings, tunnels, etc.). In this type of situations, the accuracy of the position obtained by the GNSS antenna cannot be trusted as its accuracy degrades or no position is available. For this case the IMU and LiDAR measurements only shall be taken to continue providing a position. The solution and its quality shall be discussed.


A general overview of the integration architecture is shown in the following figure.



  • Design and perform measurement campaigns
  • Design and tune Kalman Filter
  • Analysis of the navigation solution LiDAR-IMU with GNSS trajectory
  • Programming in MATLAB with documentation


Start date: immediately

Duration: according to project work / thesis duration

Contact Person:


Daniela Sanchez Morales

Institute of Space Technology and Space Applications (ISTA)

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (LRT)

Universität der Bundeswehr München

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