Pressure Sensititve Paint


NIOPLEX aims to improve the aerodynamic analysis of aeronautical transport systems by contributing to the development of non-intrusive experimental diagnostics. The particular objective is to enable a comprehensive analysis approach, by a simultaneous measurement of the surface pressure distribution on a model and the velocity and pressure field around it. Currently, the PIV technique is used to measure the mean flow field and turbulent fluctuations. The surface pressure can be accessed with PSP, but there is no means to measure pressure in the flow. The present project pursues how flow-field pressure measurement by PIV can be developed to a stage that it can be applied in industrial problems. Comparison with PSP will determine if the PIV based approach may be regarded as complementary to PSP or as a possible replacement.

Significant progress has been made in individual areas, such as high-speed and volumetric PIV, instationary PSP, and deriving pressure from PIV data. To assess the potential of their integration, a number of issues at fundamental and technological level are open and need to be tackled. NIOPLEX brings together highly experienced teams in a research consortium to resolve these issues. The final results of the project will consist of a clear scenario on viable technologies for pressure analysis in aerodynamic flows. The measurement procedures will be demonstrated on test cases relevant to industrial research. Specific measurement protocols will be formulated to ease their use.

The project ultimately aims to support the design of improved aeronautical transport systems by a better and more flexible flow-pressure diagnostics for aerodynamic performance and aeroacoustic source analysis. These capabilities can impact the design process at an earlier stage with the use of additional experimental data during the development cycle.


Partner: Delft University of Technology, CNRS- Institute Prime Poitiers, University of Southampton, ONERA, Istanbul Technical University, LaVision GmbH , Technical University Berlin, University of Calgary, Airbus, DLR


Contacts: M.Eng. Andrea Tagliabue