nacelle stall

Aerodynamics at nacelle stall

The progress in optical measurement techniques for space-resolved pressure and velocity measurements are used in this project to generate the needed experimental data basis for the fundamental question – Is it possible to establish a physically sound computation method for the unsteady flow separations in an engine inlet and their interactions with the first compressor sections? The analysis of the flow is supposed to give information about the flow conditions in which it is possible to separate the scales of the unsteady vortex shedding from the scales of the turbulent fluctuation. Also quantitative results about the dynamics of flow structures with and without a disturbance in the on-stream are aimed for. To answer these questions an isolated flow-through nacelle was designed and analyzed with Pressure Sensitive Paint, the unsteady pressure measurement technique, different kinds of Particle Image Velocimetry, and the hot-wire measurement technique.


Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the research group 1066.

Partner: TU Braunschweig (Prof. Radespiel), TU Darmstadt (Prof. Schiffer), Rolls Royce Deutschland (Dr. Lieser)


Contacts: Dipl.-Ing. Übelacker