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Force Measurement Techniques

For force measurements in wind tunnels scale systems have proven of value which are partly or entirely integrated into the experimental model. With these systems the elastic deformations proportional to the loading of the scale are measured by means of strain gauges, which are interconnected to Wheatstone bridges, in terms of electrical potentials.
Due to constructional aspects none of these multi-component scale systems is free from the influences due to others than the actual loading component to be measured. These influences called interference are to be considered in measurements and have to be determined quantitatively during calibration.

Several multi-component scale systems are available at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics. Furthermore it is possible to manufacture special DMS scales for the investigation of wind tunnel models. For the calibration of the multi-component DMS systems a calibration rig of the company Rollab is available. In measurements bridge-amplifier of the Vishay Measurements Group are applied.