Welcome to the Human Factors Institute (IfA)



In 1989, the Human Factors Institute (IfA) was founded with the goal of incorporating a human-centred perspective into the aeronautics and space engineering studies. In this interdisciplinary endeavour, psychologists and engineers collaborate very closely.



The Human Factors Institute is a collaborating member of Uni-DAS (DAS = Driver Assistance System). In collaboration with representatives of the Universität Ulm, TU Braunschweig, TU Darmstadt, TU München and the Karlsruher Institute of Technology, a variety of topics related to driver assistance systems are being researched.



Researchers of the Human Factors are also involved in the university's collaborative research center MOVE (MOdern VEhicles). In association with the Institute for Autonomous Systems Technology and the Institute for Electrical Drives and Actuators, IfA researchers work towards an energy-efficient design of electric vehicles.