education and career

Prof. Dr. Berthold Färber

Human Factors Instiute
Faculty of Aerospace Technology
Universität der Bundeswehr München

Education and Career

1976                        Diploma in Psychology,
                                University of Regensburg, Germany

1976 - 1977             Doctoral Scholarship
                                University of Regensburg, Germany

1977 - 1982             Researcher and Lecturer
                                University of Tuebingen, Germany

1980                        Doctor of Science degree,
                                University of Regensburg, Germany
                                Doctoral thesis "Psychological Analysis of Mental Arithmetic"

1982 - 1989            Senior Researcher and Lecturer
                                Psychological Institute
                                University of Tuebingen, Germany


1987                        Habilitation for Experimental and Applied Psychology
                                University of Tuebingen, Germany
                                Habilitation Dissertation on Divided Attention

1989 - present        Full Professor, Director
                                Human Factors Institute
                                University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Germany






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