Dr. Adrian Pudsey

Dr. Adrian Pudsey
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Gebäude 35/Raum 2157

Telefon: +49 (0)89 6004 2157
eMail: adrian.pudsey@unibw.de


Pudsey, A.S., Wheatley, V. and Boyce R.R.,"Behavior of Multiple Jet-Interactions in a Hypersonic Boundary Layer", Journal of Propulsion and Power, Ahead of Print, doi:10.2514/1.B35298, 2014.

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Since 02/14 Bundeswehr University, Munich (Germany): Research associate investigation boundary layer combustion induced drag reduction via multiporthole injeciton arrays in the University's plasma wind tinnel facility.
01/12-02/14 The University of Queensland, Brisbane (Australia): Aerospace Research Engineer, design and flight team member of hypersonic experimental vehicle project SCRAMSPACE I.
01/11-02/14 Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Brisbane (Australia): Aerospace Research Engineer, hypersonics design team (aerothermodynamics) on the the Australian HIFiRE hypersonics project.
01/09 - 01/11 Defence Materiel Organisation (Royal Australian Air Force): Aircraft systems team leader and Authorised Design Engineer (ADE) and logistics manager for propulsion and systems for the Royal Australian Air Force’s fleet of 64 Pilatuis PC-9 training aircraft.
01/08 - 01/09 Defence Materiel Organisation (Royal Australian Air Force): Pilatus PC9 aircraft Maintenance Requirements Determination Manager
Reliability and maintenance schedule manager for the Royal Australian Air Force’s fleet of 64 Pilatuis PC-9 training aircraft.
01/96 - 01/04 Royal Australian Air Force: Aircraft Maintenance Technician responsible for maintenance of propulsion and aircraft mechanical systems.