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LEGO Robotics Page


The LEGO®Mindstorms robots allow to implement and validate control tasks using sensors like rotation sensors, light sensors, gyro sensors, and ultrasonic sensors. We mainly use them to track optimal reference trajectories. Based on a mathematical model of the robot, the rotation sensors can be used to determine the current position of the robot.



  • Tracking: movie 1,movie 2
    The task is to follow a given track using the light sensor. This is a basic control task.
  • Trolley: movie 1,movie 2, movie 3
    The trolley has to be controlled such that the swinging of the load is minimal or such that the time needed to move the load from an initial to a terminal position is minimal subject to the restriction that the load has to be at rest at the terminal position.
  • Manipulator: movie 1,movie 2
    The manipulator robot is controlled such that it moves in minimal time from a given initial position to a given terminal position.
  • Test driving: movie 1,movie 2
    The movies show the drive along a given testcourse. An optimal solution with respect to time and steering effort was computed in advance using a moving horizon approach. Then, control algorithms are used to track the reference trajectory. The position of the robot is determined by rotation sensors in combination with a mathematical model of the robot.
  • Collision avoidance: Collision avoidance maneuver