Education and its innovations are often in discrepancy between public funding and efficiency. Effective learning environments often need more personell - not to speak about the lack of the IT equipping, that is not always given as needed. Especially when it comes to implementation of innovations, its also necessary to let learners participate in the process. To ensure a responsible use of resources, it's mandatory to evaluate such education innovations to properly assess their effect and needed resources.


• Methods and models
• Evidence-based policy making
• Adult education and companies

The research area "Evaluation" is focused on conception, application and control of evaluation models and methods. Beyond the evaluation of projects and measures this research are is all about using evaluation as a tool for evidence-based policy making. This can be used in a context of course evaluation up to comparing regional education systems.


• Course evaluation using quantitative und qualitative data
• Balanced scorecards to evaluate education establishments
• Indicator-based comparison of education potentials within european regions

Balanced Scorecards for education partnership