Teaching Structure Fundamentals of Management Science: Teaching objectives: The student is to ... be given an overview of the research object, research objectives and strategies of management science, get to know strategies for dealing with complexity, understand the basic ideas of integrated business development and apply the knowledge acquired in a "Team Case Study". Consolidation Subject "International Management": The consolidation subject "International Management", which is designed as general management training, is to enable the student: to critically apply academic findings and methods for solving current problems of organizations working on an international level and to find answers to complex questions of business management in a timely, structured and objective-oriented manner, looking at them in their entirety. All of the coursework aims to provide the students with expertise and to instruct them how to independently structure and work on complex practical problems according to consulting standards. It also is meant to contribute to their personality development. In addition, the chair considers it one of its tasks to not only teach methodical competence but to also train social competence through experience.   Teaching program as download (German)