Portrait of the Chair

The Institute for International Management was established in the year 1993 by Prof. Dr. Hans A. Wüthrich. His intention was to contribute to an increased international awareness of the students at the Bundeswehr University, Munich.

Internationalization and globalization have left their marks on all entrepreneurial activities. Accordingly, all traditional functional areas of business management (purchase, research and development, production, sale, marketing, finance etc.) must be given an increasingly international orientation in the future. It makes sense that at our university, these functional aspects of internationalization are covered by the representatives of the individual special fields and are not part of the subjects our chair offers. We consider our chair to be an interdisciplinary one, focusing on the great variety of management approaches in the compulsory subject "Fundamentals of Management Science" and on the management aspect of border-crossing business activities in the consolidation subject "International Management".

"One gram of character is worth more
than one kilogram of expertise."
Brun-Hagen Hennerkes

To enhance the chair's attractiveness for committed students, it places itself deliberately in a theory-practice field of tension. Students are taught the theoretical knowledge required for discussing fundamentals, while practice-oriented teaching (using case studies, treating current issues of consulting practice, role plays etc.) enables them to acquire knowledge useful for practical applications. In all of this, we are guided by an intercultural approach. This means that in discussing problems, we have made it a rule to consider and deal with European, American and Japanese management philosophies and methods. [more...]

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