Completed projects financed by third parties

Completed projects financed by third parties

Lead through virtualization

Based on the financial support by SGO, the institute was able to carry out goal-oriented research on virtual value-adding networks. The preliminary results are summarized in the book "Vorsprung durch Virtualisierung" (Lead through Virtualization). The book has been published by the Gablerverlag and can be ordered under ISBN 3-409-18964-5 or directly from the Institute for International Management (for further information see the information sheet below).

Professor Wüthrich and his team will continue the work in this field in the future. The Institute offers presentations, workshops, seminars and consulting relevant to this topic. Please feel free to contact the Institute for International Management at any time for critical discussions and suggestions. We are looking forward to receiving your contribution.

Information sheet "Lead through Virtualization"

Can a company still afford to be a normal company in the information age? The breathtaking progress in the field of telecommunications and the necessity to focus on core competence has revolutionized any company's performance. Temporary value-adding networks come to existence and increasingly replace the traditional forms of alliances. Is the typical company of the 21st century a virtual organization?

In the book VORSPRUNG DURCH VIRTUALISIERUNG (Lead through Virtualization), the authors quote over 50 cases to show the fascinating range of possibilities how to virtually add value and develop a more profound understanding of how virtually operating pioneer companies work. The reader will be given the opportunity to determine as to what extent his company is suited for a virtualization of value addition by following a methodological approach, as well as to derive a suited form of virtualization for his respective company.

It is focused on six comprehensively researched case studies of virtual pioneer companies. The discussions the authors had with entrepreneurs and top managers in Asia, the USA and Europe revealed that there is no such things as a virtual "model company"; instead, the range of possible virtual forms is very broad. You, too, can build your temporary value-adding network.

Available at or at your local bookstore.