IMPuls IMpuls - Trainingsbuch für Managementwissen im internationalen Kontext
(H. A. Wüthrich / T. Waldhauser / D. Osmetz)

Training Guide on Management Expertise in the International Environment

The book is designed as a training guide to prepare for the final examination and the periodic tests in the field of International Management.

It provides exercises on all topics covered in class (GML, IM 1 to IM 4). Similar to the exams, it includes questions testing the knowledge, case studies and interpretations (with model solutions to most questions).

The book can be ordered as of mid-July 2005 through our Secretariat.

Arbeit am Problem der ArbeitArbeit am Problem der Arbeit
(D. Osmetz)

Working on the Problem of Work

In his work, Dirk Osmetz examines the problem of work, develops a different understanding of work and finally gives suggestions as to how to work on the work in organizations and in the management.

This "work on the problem of work" is guided by a special scientific-theoretical basic position and therefore allows a completely different approach to the phenomenon of "work". This extraordinary publication provides irritating impetus for lively discussions among those interested in science, economics and politics, who are ready to plumb the depths of these questions and will not be satisfied with superficial answers.

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Stillstand im Wandel Stillstand im Wandel: Illusion Change Management

Standstill in Times of Change: The Illusion of Change Management

"We have changed our world so radically that we are forced to change in order to be able to exist in it". (Norbert Wiener)

There is a lot of movement, but only little change! Cars become faster and faster, computer chips more efficient. Our lives are determined by total communication. The economic everyday life is characterized by restructuring. Managers agree: The only constant is change. Traffic is collapsing, viruses are damaging networks, availability becomes a pain and orientation is lost. Isn't the result a standstill in times of change? This publication critically analyzes the business management buzzword "change management", provides the players in the driver's seat with irritating impetus as to how to deal with changes and radically redefines the term. We demand: change the pattern – change [the] management.

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Die Rückkehr des Hofnarren Die Rückkehr des Hofnarren: Einladung zur Reflexion- nicht nur für Manager!

Return of the Court Jester: Invitation to Reflect – Not only for Managers

"The modern court jester is a charming flâneur, who travels light. Wherever he sits down, the rules at the table will change."
Up until the 18th century, the court jester was an institutionalized figure at every major European court. However, in the course of grave upheaval in society, this "lord of disorder" vanished completely. When looking at "modern courts" and the sometimes grotesque-seeming scenes in a manager's everyday life, one has to wonder whether it was a good idea to ban the court jesters.
The purpose of this publication is – in an entertaining and humorous way – to make people reflect on themselves and "their own court" and to help them to better cope with the drawbacks of everyday life.

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Grenzen ökonomischen Denkens Compendium:
Grenzen ökonomischen Denkens
Wüthrich/Winter/Philipp (Hrsg.)

Limits to Economic Thinking

From the Foreword:

"What makes the book 'Grenzen ökonomischen Denkens' so fascinating is first of all the fact that when reading the 30 individual contributions, one has to critically face the 'traces of dominant logic', whose boundlessness is taken for granted by (too) many nowadays. (...)

Many aspects of the basic idea in the book (...) remind me of the efforts that we have been making for 30 years now within the framework of the World Economic Forum.
From the integrated approach to equally address decision makers from the fields of politics, economics, science and society, through the consideration of diverse individual aspects, which are consequences of an economization across society, to the basic idea to provide a forum, which serves as trend monitor, think tank and impetus provider. However, it seems to me that the key is to offer a platform where decision makers may reflect on their own thinking and acting.

This is why I recommend this book to everybody who is looking for less common inspirations for thinking 'outside the box'."
(Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Form)

The book is designed as a "reader" and includes contributions from different authors, including:
  • Bernhard Jagoda
  • Reinhard Mohn
  • Helmut Maucher
  • Claus Hipp
  • Knut Bleicher
  • Ernst von Glasersfeld
  • Peter Gross
  • Reinhard K. Sprenger
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