Research Institution of the Chair of Geoinformatics
at the Institute for Applied Computer Science


The Research Group Geoinformatics (AGIS) is a research institution of the Chair for Geoinformatics at the Institute for Applied Computer Science at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich and has set itself the goal to anchor the current research field geographic information systems in the Faculty for Informatics and within the University and generally drive. This is done through a variety of research and project work, which serve the advancement of technology, the development of house expertise, knowledge transfer and young researchers development. Furthermore, the AGIS provides the resources for in-depth seminars and the supervision of theses and graduation available.

At present time employees from various disciplines are employed within the AGIS. The majority of employees work in so-called third-party projects, which have the basic reserach, the applied research and development as well as the training around geographic information systems for the subject.



There are memberships in various organizations.