Agenda of the VOSS-Kick-Off-Meeting:

Twente 28.06.2001 - 29.06.2001



  • B. Haverkort: CSRL Model Checking of CTMC
  • A. Bell: Towards Distributed CTL Model Checking
  • C. Baier: Model Checking for Probabilistic Infinite Systems
  • P. D'Argenio: Reachability Analysis of Probabilistic Systems by Successive Refinement
  • H. Hermanns: MoDeST: Model Description Language for Stochastic Timed Systems


  • F. Vaandrager: Haast-Project, Case-Studies
  • J. Meyer-Kayser: Action-based Model Checking of Markov Chains
  • M. Siegle: Model Representation and Analysis with Decision Diagrams