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Management Solutions for Next Generation

Management Solutions for Next Generation Network


The provision of high quality broadband Internet sevices to everybody can only be achieved in an effective manner if an adequate management plane capable of configuring, monitoring and controlling the delivered broadband services is available. Such a management plane has been the focus of research and development in the context of traditional data and voice networks. However, the development of tomorrow's broadband Internet providing integrated voice and data services over mutiple access networks puts new major challenges to this area in terms of scalability, dynamicity, security and automation.

This network of excellence proposal addresses the above mentioned challenges for the management plane. Its main objective is to extend the European leadership and expertise in the area of the network and service management plane, critical to every network. This is done through the intergation of the major European research laboratories that are already known for their leading research and their scientific excellence in this area.

Research Integration is achieved within the project through specific targeted joint research actions addressing the following management themes:

  • Management Foundations
  • Management Technologies
  • Management Applications

The network aimes at shaping the European research in the area of device, network and service management to provide the necessary coordination and integration so as to enable the paticipants, while maintaining and enhancing their excellence in their respective field, to contribute in a unified way to the design of management solutions covering all the challenges arising in this field. As a community of excellence, the network is designed to ensure strong dissemination of its expertise.

Contact: Prof. Gabi Dreo Rodosek