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Project Operator: ITIS e.V. and UniBwM, Institut für Technische Informatik
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BMCast GMBH Zürich


Universität Zürich - Schweiz Prof. Burkhard Stiller

Institut ifi

Project Supervision: Prof. Dr. Gabi Dreo Rodosek
Project Leader: Frank Eyermann, Jürgen Sauerland
  Thomas Bocek - Universität Zürich,
  Peter Ming - Universität Zürich
Students: Daniel Farnschläder, Kristian Kessler, Norbert Böm


The use of biometrics for access control, in this case access control for function rooms in buildings, has been proposed a while ago and is in operation for quite some time. However, the corresponding hardware and administration software show some very proprietory solutions. Therefore, this project addresses in close collaboration with former Biometronix GmbH, a small and medium sized biometric security enterprise in Munich, actual BMCast GmbH, Zürich, a research project on a suitable user/customer role model for this type of access control as well as an operating system-independent management system. While similar look-and-feel Linux-based and Windows-based user administration systems are being developed, the use of different finger scan devices and other biometric scanners will be supported in the most generic fashion. All communications between those devices as well as the administration is based on TCP/IP protocols.

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Kontakt: Jürgen Sauerland,
  Thomas Bocek,
  Peter Ming

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