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Anleitung zum Schreiben einer Seminararbeit

Anleitung zum Schreiben einer Seminararbeit

The supervisors are Prof. Dr. B. Stiller and his research staff. Please check with them personally at the due date in the seminar break when a feedback meeting can be arranged on a bilateral basis.


All talks must be prepared in a draft version a week in advance of the date mentioned above. This includes the preparation of a 20-25 pages, but minimum 18 pages summary in paper form, which need to be handed into the supervisors by that date as well. The use of the prepared LaTeX style files is mandatory for the written report. In addition, a bi-lateral meeting of app. 30-45 min will be set between the presenter and the supervisor to discuss the draft or a mail-based feedback with an annotated PDF file will be returned to the student.

The corrected version will be prepared into a final version until noon of the presentation date. A two-side per page paper copy is due for final check purposes. An electronic version of the report in PDF is to be sent the same date by e-mail to stiller@informatik.unibw-muenchen.de or to the researcher concerned at IIS respectively.

Talk Information

The talk will last 45 min per presentation. Share the time equally for motivating/summarizing and presenting technical details as well. Do not run over the time, but do not undercut by more than app. 5 minutes.

After the talk and an additional 5-10 min break, the questions and discussions part will begin. This includes the answering of questions coming from the audience on one hand, and the preparation of two to three controversially discussable statememts put up by the presenter, on the other hand, e.g.,
To which extent is the topic presented relevant to equipment providers, do they have to adapt their technologies in place? How will the introduction of the scheme presented make users shift their usage paradigms? Or, is the set of approaches available an opportunity for the new economy, where are their risks? It is highly recommended to read other talk titles and relate questions to them as well.

The talk needs to be backed by a set of slides prepared from the presenter. It shall be well organized, include a front slide with title, presenter, and outline, and sum up the talk after a clear and structured presentation of technical, systematic, and correct details. On average you can assume a 2-3 min talking time per slide, which makes a slide set of app. 18-22 slides necessary. Avoid too much text on the slide, but clearly entitle and identify pictures and graphs on them. Use a font larger than 16 pt in the general case of text.

Background Material

The bibliographic references listed in each talk description address only the major starting points and further paper and document research is a must. Further material may be obtained, and it is recommended strongly, in the departmental, the UniBwM libraries or in the online library. Note that you must include a bibliographic reference section in your written report including all material used and provided in the talk descriptions as well as Web-pages, which should be listed with the page title, a possible author, if available, as well as the month/year in which you have accessed the page. Follow the style guidelines and information necessary for references as used in the talk descriptions.


The seminar reports will be published in an internal report and will be made available on the web for public use. Therefore, please be aware of all rules of scientific work, where a.o. all references used and cited will be part of the written report, all figures are readable, and the use of language follows a high standard.

The final version of the seminar work is to be sent by e-mail to the supervisors as a PDF file and also the LaTeX source files together with the figures is to be handed in for the final report generation. Please follow the instructions provided in the style guidelines.

The slides of the presentation will be made available as well on the same web page as mentioned above. Therefore, a PowerPoint document (or a PDF for a different presentation document format) needs to be prepared carefully as well and is to be sent to the e-mail addresses mentioned above.

Further Information

For any type of further information, please contact the supervisor by e-mail. In case the problem will be solvable via mail it will happen as soon as possible, in all other cases a physical meeting can be arranged.

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