Curriculum Vitae


Day of birth 24 May 1978 in Parchim, Mecklenburg/Vorpommern
Hobbies Sports (soccer, table tennis, parachuting)

Education and profession

Jun 1996 Abitur at Friedrich-Franz-Gymnasium Parchim
since Jul 1996 Soldier at the Federal Armed Forces of Germany (Army)
Jul 1999 Promotion to 2nd Lieutenant
Oct 1999 Studies of Computer Science at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
Dec 2002 Diploma in Computer Science
Jul-Oct 2003 NATO-mission in Afghanistan (ISAF)
Oct 2003-Jun 2004 Position as Quality Management Officer at the Department for Software Maintenance (Signal School of the German Armed Forces)
Jun-Sep 2004 NATO-mission in Kosovo (KFOR)
since Sep 2004 Research Assistant at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Department of Computer Science