Please notice: Up to now, all our teaching is done in German. Therefore, all titles as well as the target Web sites of the links shown below are German.



Student Assignments and Diploma Theses

Over the years, Dr. Schmitz has supervised a large number of student assignments and diploma theses. Some of them were carried out in cooperation with partners from outside the department. Subjects are chosen from his current fields of interest and/or current projects. 

Advice on writing Diploma theses (including a suitable LaTeX template) is provided at the Web page Hauptstudium Infomatik (German). For enquiries concerning diploma theses  or student assignments please contact Dr. Schmitz - your own subject proposals (if they are interesting and suitable) will be considered.

Lectures, Seminars, and Practical Courses

Since 1984, Dr. Schmitz has offered some 60 courses, most of them as a Visiting Lecturer at one of the three Munich universities (UniBw, LMU, and TU). The main topics were:

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Formal Languages and Compiler Construction
  • Object oriented and modular programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Document languages (XML and co-standards)

Starting in 1998, he established and in four iterations incrementally improved a practical software development course (in German: Programmierpraktikum), which all students have to complete prior to their intermediate 2nd year examination. During this course, students in groups of 5 to 8 will design and implement the prototype of a substantial application program within three months using the SalesPoint framework (see Projects). Some students, who have done particularly well, in the next year become tutors and thus help to coach their successors. Students have to document the progress of their work on their group's Web site in real time. Every week, the groupsdiscuss intermediate results with the tutors and the supervisor. These arragements are a prerequisite for efficient tutoring. 

The course supervisors were:

Since his Habilitation, Dr. Schmitz has held the following courses (in German! Hence the  German titles. Also, all the links point to German Web sites):