Status, Abstract

Wolfram Kahl

Department of Computing and Software
Faculty of Engineering
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Kanada
Exploring (Finite) Relation Algebras

Using Tools Written in Haskell

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Technical Report

Gunther Schmidt

Department of Computing Science
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
Oktober 2000
During the last few years, relational methods have been gaining more and more acceptance and impact in computer science. Besides applications of concrete relations, also non-standard models of the relation algebraic axioms are important in fields as far apart as artificial intelligence and distributed computing. Also weaker structures have been considered, such as Dedekind categories in connection with fuzzy reasoning, and different kinds of allegories. In this report we present a library of Haskell modules that allows to explore relation algebras and several weaker structures by providing dif-ferent means to construct and test such algebras. The kernel of our library is strictly conformant to the Haskell 98 standard, and can therefore be expected to be usable on future Haskell systems, too. For ease of use, we additionally provide a more elegant interface using non-standard extensions.