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Gunther Schmidt


Decomposing Relations

Data Analysis Techniques for Boolean Matrices

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Technical Report

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Department of Computing ScienceUniversity of the Federal Armed Forces December 2002 Known and new methods of decomposing a boolean matrix are presented together with methods of making the decomposition visible. Homogeneous and heterogeneous relations are handled with non-iterative as well as iterative methods.

Such aspects as reducibility, cyclicity, primitivity, difunctionality, Ferrer's relations, Moore-Penrose inverses, independence and line-covering, chainability, game decompositions, matchings, Hall conditions, term rank, chainability, full indecomposability, and others are handled under one common roof.

We have also tried to collect several concepts for nonnegative real-valued matrices and to treat them as concepts for boolean matrices. An additional impetus for this study was to give all this a relation algebraic basis avoiding counting arguments. Several proofs of facts already known are, therefore, quite different from the classical ones.