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Dipl.-Ing. Alexandru Dumbrava

Research interest:

Future eProfessional Collaboration Tools and Methods integration


a) Fully understand future eProffesionals needs and way of working.
b) State-of-the-Art of collaborative tools.
c) Integration requirements at different levels.
d) Developing user-centric platform for seamless collaboration.

In my PhD thesis I would like to touch tangentially the notion of collaboration methods and the way we can achieve seamless collaboration. The main goal is: How to obtain and impliment seamless, secure, universal, platform independent, decentralized "collaboration-integration" by means of Web Services.

Nevertheless Web Services composition [WS-C] will play a big role. That might involve applying Pi-Calculus as well as Petri netz for semi-automatically composition, i.e. choreography.

Other interests:

  • Interactive TV - at this moment I am  Joost™ tester
  • P2P
  • Web 2.0
Web 2.0' fun terms:
  • Televisiphonernetting: simultaneously using the TV, phone, and Internet at the same time
  • Quizjacking: Using fast Internet to get the answers to a TV Quiz show
  • Snurfing: Surfing where you are supposed to be on the phone.

Alexandru Dumbrava

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