Major longlasting activities of Gunther SCHMIDT

Major longlasting activities of Gunther SCHMIDT

Scientific Topics

Work on Relation Algebra since about 1972
originating from work on chess endings,
chess problem solving by computer, chess playing programs,
and discrete mathematics of timetabling and assignment programs;
the RALF System and the beginning of the RelView System

Work on Denotational Semantics, Domain Construction, and Program Transformation since 1982
relational semantics, sprout systems
the HOPS system (Higher Order Programming System)

Relational Methods in Computer Science, since 1994
initiator of the international activity of seminars, now held every one and a half year
organizer and (co-)editor of the proceedings

Combinatorial Aspects of VLSI, 1985 - 1990
graphic programming languages,
compilers for graphic representations

Programming Methodology, since 1970
in connection with semantics of programming
abstract data types and domain construction

Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science, 1975 - 1994
regularly attending the series of annual international workshops,
three times (co-)organizing and (co-)editing the proceedings

Time-Table Construction, 1965 - 1990
theory and practice of constructing school
and university time-tables,

Gas Dynamics, Traffic Flow, 1965 - 1970
non-stationary problems
Application to traffic flow

Function Theory of Several Complex Variables, 1960 - 1965
Extension of holomorphic mappings increasing the image space,
Compactification of normal complex spaces

Large Sponsored Projects

The project HOPS, since 1987
Higher Order Programming System
sponsored by DFG (German Research Foundation) for 6 years

The project LINDAS, 1978 - 1992
"Lebensmittel-, Inhaltsstoff- und Nährwert-Datenbanksystem"
planning, implementing, and maintaining the database underlying the
Food and Nutrition Table volume "Souci, Fachmann, Kraut" (known worldwide)
edited bi-annually by Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Lebensmittelchemie

Work and projects on timetable construction 1968 - 1980
The MASTER-System developed at TU München
for the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Kulture
"Münchner automatische Stundenplanerstellung",
project of about 15 person years

Work and project on optimally assigning teachers to schools 1969 - 1973
The METHUSALEM-System developed at TU München
for the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Kulture
"Methodische Untersuchung aller Lehrereinsatzmöglichkeiten"
about 20 person years

BaFöG project, 1971 - 1981
Project to support transferring the German BaFöG law on financial support of education
from judicial formulation to programs for the (at that time) 11 German states,
for the German Federal Ministry of "Bildung"


"Dekan", 1999 - 2002
Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, UniBw München
"Sprecher", 1988 - 1998 und wieder seit 2002
Speaker of the Institute for Software Technology, UniBw München
"Planungs- und Haushaltskommissionen", 1988 - 1998
Planning and budget committee of the Senate of UniBw München

"Etat-Kommission", 1968 - 1978
Budget committee of the Senate of TU München