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Relational Databases with multiple values
Set-valued attributes in relational data bases allow an algebraic characterization using modules with boolean rings. This gives the possibility to formulate concepts of relational data bases in a concise and more unifying way and to interprete them algebraically.

Relational Methods in Computer Science (RelMiCS)
Under this name research in a rather specialized but non-the-less promising area has been carried out. It originated from the observation that a wide variety of tasks in Computer Science - not always related to one another - can more effectively be tackled using relations, relational algebra, or more general relational methods.

Starting 1994, a truly international or even intercontinental group has formed following that idea. International seminars took place in Schloß Dagstuhl (Saarland, Germany), Paraty (near Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), and Hammamet (close to Tunis, Tunisia). Using a one-and-a-half-year schedule for these meetings of one week each, the next event is due in September 1998 in the famous Stefan-Banach-Center in Warszaw (Poland).

The January-2000 event is planned to be held back in Germany again. So far all the seminar results have been published in books.

Knowledge Management

Educational Software
In a sequence of projects a diversity of programming systems has been developed that may be used to teach programming and computer science. Among those is the emulator of the processor MC 68000 and the visual SMALLTALK-based compiler-compiler SIC which in 1991 earned the "German University Award" for the best teaching software in computer science.


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