Efficient and Reliable Merging of XML Documents

Merging XML Documents

On this page, we present a preview of our XML diff and patch tool that is able to reliably merge document versions.

We prepared a screencast that shows how document versions can be merged using a simple yet powerful graphical user interface.

Example Scenario

Consider a scenario, where three persons (Alice, Bob and Carol) are working on an office document independently. They exchange their document versions using e-mail.

Our screencast shows how the different versions are first compared using a diff, and merged afterwards using a merge.

Example Documents

Here, you can find the documents we used in the screencast, including the merged result.




Original Alice Alice + Bob
  Bob Alice + Bob + Carol

Scientific Background

Our diff and patch procedures use a novel XML delta model using context-oriented fingerprints for reliably identifiying edit operations. The basic concepts have been presented in several publications, including the following ones:

  • Rönnau, S., Borghoff, U. M.
    Versioning XML-based office documents
    Multimedia Tools and Applications, 43:3, 253-274, Springer 2009, ISSN 1573-7721 [DOI]
  • Rönnau, S., Pauli, C., Borghoff, U. M.
    Merging Changes in XML Documents Using Reliable Context Fingerprints.
    In: Bulterman, D. C. A. et al. (eds.): Proc. ACM Symp. on Document Engineering (DocEng 2008), São Paulo, Brazil, September 17-19, 2008. New York: ACM, pp. 52-61


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