Generate BPEL code from BPMs

Generate BPEL code from BPMs

DiaGen editors can construct a semantic representation of a diagram using attribute evaluation. As an example consider the following editor for structured business process models (BPM), which can generate code of the business process execution language (BPEL). View this screencast in fullscreen mode with HD enabled.

Download the editor and try this out yourself (you need to have Java installed, there is a dragging issue with Java 6 so please use Java 5, recall that in order to see the semantic output the editor has to be started from a terminal).

The realization is described in:

S. Mazanek, M. Minas. Transforming BPMN to BPEL Using Parsing and Attribute Evaluation with respect to a Hypergraph Grammar. Accepted solution for the GraBaTs 2009 synthesis case study.