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DiaGen is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). You can download DiaGen from this site, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions, but DiaGen comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. See the GPL for details.

  • You will need the Java 2 SDK (at least version 1.4) which is available at the JDK home page.
  • Download the JAR file diagen-installer-040705.jar which is a self-extracting jar file conatining DiaGen together with its sources and examples. Under Windows, just double-click on the downloaded file for installing DiaGen on your computer. On other systems, you have to start the Java Virtual Machine with this jar file by executing
     java -jar diagen-installer-040705.jar  

    The new GUI tool for specifying a visual language -- the DiaGen Designer -- can be started by the files designer.bat resp. diagen.sh which you can find in the bin directory. Sample specifications are in the examples directory:

    • Simple finite state machines (diagen/designer/sample/automaton/spec.xml)

      After compiling generated sources, start the editor by

       bin\editor.bat diagen.designer.sample.automaton  
       bin/editor.sh diagen.designer.sample.automaton  
    • Message sequence charts (diagen/designer/sample/msc/spec.xml)

      After compiling generated sources, start the editor by

       bin\editor.bat diagen.designer.sample.msc  
       bin/editor.sh diagen.designer.sample.msc  
    • Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams (diagen/designer/sample/nsd/spec.xml)

      After compiling generated sources, start the editor by

       bin\editor.bat diagen.designer.sample.nsd  
       bin/editor.sh diagen.designer.sample.nsd  
    • Statecharts (diagen/designer/sample/statecharts/spec.xml)

      After compiling generated sources, start the editor by

       java diagen.designer.sample.statecharts.ui.StatechartEditor 
      However, you have to have diagen-core.jar on your CLASSPATH.

    The old examples (in diretories examples/diagen/editor/sample/...) which use the old compiler-like generator are still running. You can use ant for generating the corresponding editors:

     ant -f samples.xml  
    Please refer to the corresponding readme.txt-file when trying to start the generated editor (However, use diagen-core.jar instead of diagen-2.1.jar :-)
  • Documentation on DiaGen is still a problem. Old documentation can be downloaded as a ZIP archive diagen-2.1-doc.zip or a gzipped TAR archive diagen-2.1-doc.tgz.

May 2004

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Mark Minas
Institute for Software Technology
Department of Computer Science
Universität der Bundeswehr München
85577 Neubiberg

Email: Mark.Minas@unibw.de