Workshop Contributions

Papers addressing topics in research and application of Decision Support Systems; Experimental Economics; and e-Participation / ESF-TED Project: Towards Electronic Democracy, were selected for this Joint Workshop. Check the Workshop Proceedings.

Journal Special Issues

Full Papers accepted for the Workshop can be submitted for publication in special issues of the Journals below. Submissions are due to 31/07/2005.


  • JDS Journal of Decision Systems (Hermes/Lavoisier) 
    Special Issue - Guest Editors: Fátima Dargam & Pascale Zaraté
    For paper-format information, please check the web-site: 
    Submit your final (DSS) paper to:


The authors are requested to hand-in their final full papers in electronic media to the e-mail above up to 31/07/2005. The papers will be fully refereed and re-selected by the Journals' reviewing boards. 

Program Committee

 Fatima Dargam, ILTC / Brazil - SimTech / Austria
Fiorella de CIndio, Milano Univ. / Italy
Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Univ. Graz / Austria
Wolfgang Polasek, Basel Univ./ Switzerland
Alexander Prosser, Economics Univ. Vienna / Austria
Pacale Zarate, IRIT / France

Image2.gif Image3.jpg ESFVertnegatif10x10.jpg Members of the working groups EWG-DSS, EWG E-CUBE, and ESF - TED Project will serve as review board for the Workshop selection of contributions.



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