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Decision Support Systems



The growing demand for specific approaches of decision making and decision support, keeps us aware of the importance of frequently getting in contact with professionals and colleagues working in the area within a cooperative workshop environment.

The EWG-DSS has been created in Madeira (Portugal) during the Euro Summer Institute on DSS, in May 1989. Since then, researchers involved in this group have been meeting every year in workshops. In 2005, the EWG-DSS will celebrate its 16th. Anniversary in Graz!

In this workshop it will strongly encouraged the exchange of new ideas involving topics like: 

  • Complex Decision Problems; 

  • the evolution of DSSs and its various applications; 

  • DSS Methodology and Frameworks; 

  • Distributed GSS / NSS;

  • AI Methods in GSS / NSS;

  • Internet Applications; as well as

  • Applications in E-Negotiations, Knowledge Management, Finances, Education, among others.

Members of the EWG-DSS are expected to participate and to encourage the participation of other related professionals in this Joint-Workshop, so that further collaboration can be promoted on a larger scale. 

The Workshop Participation is not restricted to the working group members, but open to all researchers within the related areas!



EWG-DSS Contact Person:

Dr. Fatima C.C. Dargam
SimTech Simulation Technology

Riesstraße 120
A-8010 Graz, Austria

Phone: +(43)(316) 386278 45
Fax: +(43)(316) 386278 15

E-mail: F.Dargam@SimTechnology.com


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