e-Participation in Europe: Concepts and Implementation
ESF - TED Towards Electronic Democacy:
Internet-based Complex Decision Support


The e-PARTICIPATION branch of this Joint-Workshop concerns "e-Participation in Europe: Concepts and Implementation". It is promoted by the European Science Foundation (ESF) network on "Towards Electronic Democracy" (TED - a project that deals with Internet-Based Complex Decision Support -http://www.esf.org/ted), by the Working Group "e-Democracy" of the Austrian Computer Society (OCG), the Institute of Advanced Studies (IHS Vienna), the University of Milan (DICo/LIC), and by the Research Group "e-Voting.at". Its main goal is to encourage new developments on e-Participation and bring together people working in academia, politics and public administration.

Contributions should address all important issues concerning: 

  • Technologies and administration for implementing e-Participation concepts in practice; 
  • Reports on implementations, their legal and technical framework; 
  • Reports on actual projects: experiences, feedbacks and future plannings; as well as 
  • Analyses of the impact of e-Participation on our public administration and citizen behaviour. 

All topics can be presented from a theoretical view or demonstrated by real-world case-studies.

Members of the ESF-TED Project: Towards Electronic Democracy and of the Working Group "e-Democracy" of the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) are expected to participate and to encourage the participation of other related professionals in this Joint-Workshop, so that further collaboration can be promoted on a larger scale. 

The Workshop Participation is not restricted to the working group members, but open to all researchers within the related areas!



e-Participation Contact Person:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Polasek
Institute of Advanced Studies Vienna 

Stumpergasse 56
A-1060 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +(43)(1) 5999 1155
Fax: +(43)(1) 5999 1163
E-mail: e-Participation@ihs.ac.at


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