Selected Research Topics

  • MPI-based development of parallel FEM solvers
  • Scalable algorithms for novel hardware architectures
  • Memory-optimized object-oriented FEM algorithms in C++
  • Overlapping and non-overlapping domain decomposition
  • Efficient iterative solvers & preconditioners
  • Algebraic multigrid methods (AMG)
  • Dynamic load-balancing for nonlinear problems
  • and many more...


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Key Publications

  • Wiesner, T.A., Popp, A., Gee, M.W., Wall, W.A. (2018): Algebraic multigrid methods for dual mortar finite element formulations in contact mechanics, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, published online, DOI: 10.1002/nme.5748
  • Pasquariello, V., Hammerl, G., Örley, F., Hickel, S. Danowski, C., Popp, A., Wall, W.A., Adams, N.A. (2016): A cut-cell finite volume – finite element coupling approach for fluid-structure interaction in compressible flow, Journal of Computational Physics, 307:670-695
  • Farah, P., Popp, A., Wall, W.A. (2015): Segment-based vs. element-based integration for mortar methods in computational contact mechanics, Computational Mechanics, 55:209-228