content and qualification goals



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Karcher

tutorial instructor:

Dr. rer. nat. Peter Hillmann



module type compulsory module for Bachelor of Business Computer Science
Trimester  every fall trimester
ECTS-Points 5
TWS 3 + 2 h


The teaching module deals with integrated application and information systems that support specific operational functions such as development, production, purchasing, and warehousing. Thus, these systems typically have multiple effects on the company as a whole in terms of value chains, process integration, IT infrastructure, affected employees as well as strategy, structure and culture of the organization. Standard software systems exist for the various operational fields of application. The challenge lies in adjusting the solution modules available on the market to the individual operational requirements and thus, linking them in order to form integrated, increasingly cross-company IT process chains.

In the introductory section of the module, the typical integration requirements of business application systems are examined and subdivided into functional areas and classes of application systems on the basis of the so-called company pyramid. Based on this classification, both individual areas (such as research and development, production and assembly, sales, and procurement) as well as cross-departmental approaches (such as supply chain management, customer relationship management or product lifecycle management) are examined more closely. Their underlying functions relevant for the application system are deepened. The module superstructure consists of typical design dimensions such as process models, methodical customizing of standard systems, special requirements of technical and functional integration as well as existing standards and reference models.


 qualification goals

The conception, design, adaptation and management of integrated application systems as a core task of business informatics form the focus of this module. It aims at providing students with an overview of the various application areas of business information systems on the one hand, and a deeper insight into the individual function blocks on the other. The participants will thus be able to recognize the importance of application systems along the value chains of companies and organizations, and to classify the typically used standard systems in terms of their basic function. The methodological focus lies on imparting core competences concerning the systematic procedure in the design, adaptation, introduction and adaptation of application systems. Students are thus enabled to conceive and implement company-individual solutions built on standards for specific application scenarios.


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