Understanding the world, society and politics

Welcome to the website of the Department of Social Sciences and Public Affairs at the Bundeswehr University Munich. Our pages, in German, give you a detailed insight into the programs offered and the dean’s office. We would also like to give you a more precise idea of the research and teaching we do in our department.

Our Profile in Research and Teaching

The guiding principle of the Department of Social Sciences and Public Affairs is to conduct interdisciplinary research on social, political, legal, economic and ethical developments at the global, regional, national and local levels from a contemporary and a historical perspective and to convey the results in teaching. The department itself is the epitome of interdisciplinary cooperation in both research and teaching as there is no better way to understand the world, society and politics than to approach them from the scientific angles of different subjects. The department consists of five institutes - the Historical Institute, the Institute for Public and International Law, the Institute for Political Science, the Institute of Social Science and Economics, and the Institute for Theology and Ethics - and is rounded off by the Empirical Methods and Statistics Division. The department has 17 professors and 25 permanent research associates working in research and teaching. Along with the other staff members (e.g., third-party funded personnel, teaching assistants, lecturers), the department is currently tutoring to more than three hundred students in B.A. and M.A. Social Sciences and Public Affairs programs.

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The Department’s Institutes

• Historical Institute
• Institute of Political Science
• Institute of Public and International Law
• Institute of Theology and Ethics
• Institute of Social Science and Economics
• Empirical Methods and Statistics Division

The History of the Department

The department has been characterized by its adoption of an interdisciplinary approach towards research and study from the beginning. Even in the early years, students chose to major in one subject in their diploma Social Sciences and Public Affairs programs, the options being History, Political Science or law and Public Administration.

The Foundation of the Department

The Department of Social Sciences and Public Affairs was founded in 1978 with the aim of complementing the technical programs offered by the Bundeswehr University Munich by an obligatory human sciences course.
Today, the Bundeswehr University Munich rests on two equal pillars of academic research and teaching: one is the social sciences pillar, to which the Department of Social Sciences and Public Affairs belongs; the other is what in German is known as the MINT pillar, with MINT standing for mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and engineering. An independent Political and Social Sciences program was established in 1988. It is like all the programs at the Bundeswehr University Munich in that it is an integral civilian part of officer training.

Development of Research and Teaching

As part of the international reform process in higher education (Bologna Process), the Department of Social Sciences and Public Affairs introduced the bachelor's program in 2007 and the master's program in 2010. Since 2008, the specialist areas of political science and law have been particularly strengthened. For example, a second professorship focusing on conflict research has been established in the International Politics Division. The International Law Division is represented by a second professorship focusing on international law and international human rights protection. The Empirical Social Research Division has been established to promote the teaching of methods and basics. This has likewise been strengthened as the newly staffed professorship for Sociology of Globalization focuses on qualitative methods.

The Department Administration and Map

Dean Dean's Office Dean Dean's Office


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