Welcome to the Department of Aerospace Engineering. Here you will find an overview of the institutes of our department and useful information on the programs offered and our research.

Aerospace engineering is one of the most significant innovations of the 20th century. It has changed people’s lives more dramatically than nearly any other field of engineering. Aviation set the process of global networking in motion long before the digital revolution. Space engineering today permits live-quality communication worldwide. Numerous other fascinating applications are being generated by aerospace engineering today and will continue to be in the future: These include the observation of geophysical processes from space, flying taxis or door-to-door logistic services, millimeter-precise global positioning, autonomous mobility in the air and on the roads. Our Department of Aerospace Engineering (LRT) offers a wide range of basic and application-oriented research fields. We analyze and create thermal and fluid dynamics processes, design and incorporate high-performance materials and structures, develop and program complex, highly automated and sensor-equipped space, air and road systems. Find out more about our exciting programs, career opportunities and research topics.

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The Department's Institutes

The department comprises 14 institutes in which a total of 21 professors and about 200 research associates work in research and teaching. They cover the entire technical spectrum of aerospace applications. The focus is methodically on complex systems, aerodynamics, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics as well as construction methods and materials. Automotive systems are also examined.

• Applied Physics and Measurement Technology.
• Ergonomics
• Aerial Systems
• Lightweight Construction
• Mathematics and Computer Application
• Mechanics
• Space Engineering and Use of Outer Space
• Control Engineering
• Jet Propulsion
• Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics
• Autonomous Systems Technology
• Technical Product Development
• Thermodynamics
• Materials Science

Fascinating academic Program

Aerospace engineering has been one of the most fascinating academic programs for decades – and will continue to be in the future. Once a branch of mechanical engineering offered by only a few German universities, it has long since become a multi-facetted, multi-disciplinary and highly intriguing field of work in our department and one with great potential for the future. Besides acquiring knowledge of fundamentals of physics and materials science and an engineers’ approach to calculation, construction, automation, energy production and conversion, you will work on autonomous and socio-technical systems, light-weight structures, drive concepts, supersonic and hypersonic flows, drones and satellites, software and mechatronic systems, cockpits and control stations for telemanipulation and many more exciting subjects during your program. For students with a particular interest in mathematics, we offer programs in mathematical engineering in addition to aerospace engineering. Find out about our challenging bachelor and master programs, our excellently equipped laboratories and your career opportunities as a “rocket engineer”.

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