Prof. Dr. Judith Reindl

has been Junior Professor for Biomedical Radiophysics at the Institute of Applied Physics and Metrology at the Department of Aerospace Engineering since December 2019.

Her research focuses on cancer and the effect of ionizing radiation on human cells. The further development of new methods and innovative technologies in radiation therapy is a major aspect here. Another important research area of hers is the development of concepts for the successful radiation protection in manned spaceflight.

After studying physics with biology as a minor, Judith Reindl obtained her doctorate at the Universität der Bundeswehr München on the subject of "Nanoskopische Analyse von DNA Doppelstrangbrüchen in menschlichen Krebszellen nach Ionenbestrahlung” (nanoscopic analysis of DNA double-strand breaks in human cancer cells after ion irradiation). Since 2017 she has been leading the group on biomedical radiation physics at the Institute of Applied Physics and Metrology.

Since then, Mrs. Reindl has been in charge of biomedical irradiation at the ion microbeam SNAKE, where she organizes and leads the experiments of her own students and international researchers. The aim of the projects is, on the one hand, to investigate the mechanisms of the effect of ionizing radiation on human cells, to understand how DNA repair works, and why cell death or carcinogenic mutations occur as a result of radiation. On the other hand, the Proton Minibeam Radiotherapy, a highly effective and gentle form of tumor therapy developed at the Institute of Applied Physics and Metrology, will be tested and verified so that it can be applied in clinical practice.

In her teaching, Prof. Reindl is concerned with both the fundamentals of physics and the biomedical effects of space conditions such as those encountered in manned space flight. She attaches great importance to the combination of traditional and modern teaching methods, including the use of smartphones and the like.

In addition to her work at UniBw M, Judith Reindl is a visiting scientist in research and teaching at the National University Singapore.


Department of Aerospace Engineering

Institute of Applied Physics and Metrology