Prof. Dr. Irene Preisinger

took over the professorship in Editorial Practice at the Department of Business Administration in April 2019. Her research and teaching is geared towards the question: how does good journalism work?

With the appointment of the long-standing news reporter with a doctorate in journalism, the realignment of the Institute of Journalism has been completed. In her teaching, Irene Preisinger links the theoretical foundations of journalism with practical tools of the trade. Her scientific work is devoted to the different determining factors of media and to international comparative journalism research.

Irene Preisinger studied journalism and politics as well as business administration while in employment. She gained extensive practical experience in editorial offices in Germany, France and Spain. Following her doctorate in journalism research she worked at length for international news agencies, covering topics in politics and the corporate economy. In her last assignment, she spent many years working as a correspondent on the German company news desk at Reuters, which has been honored as Germany’s best business editorial department in 2016.

Department of Business Administration