Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Höfer

has been Professor of Lightweight Structures at the Institute of the same name of the Department of Aerospace Engineering since January 2019. In his teaching and research, he deals with the question of how components can be designed to be particularly light, but nevertheless load-bearing and durable.

Prof. Höfer has been very familiar with the Universität der Bundeswehr München for many years, as he studied at the Department of Aerospace Engineering as a former Technical Officer of the German Air Force and later also received his doctorate. Prior to his appointment to the Institute of Lightweight Structures, he was Professor of Composite Materials and Applied Mechanics in the newly founded Aeronautical Engineering program at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. During and after his service with the Bundeswehr, Prof. Höfer worked for many years as a development engineer in the aviation industry. During this time, he was involved in various military and civil aviation projects such as the Eurofighter, the H160 and the X6.

In his research and teaching, Prof. Höfer is dedicated to the structural-mechanical properties of lightweight structures made of modern and sustainable materials, with a focus on fiber-reinforced composites. Among other things, he investigates the structural durability of composite materials, but also the material and component behavior under highly dynamic loads, which can occur in crash processes for instance. In addition, Prof. Höfer is concerned with the possibilities of new manufacturing processes for lightweight structures, including additive manufacturing. To support its teaching and research activities, the institute has a comprehensive test laboratory at its disposal for the investigation of the properties of components and materials. In the coming years, Prof. Höfer would like to expand this laboratory to include new testing possibilities in the field of highly dynamic testing as well as new production technologies for lightweight structures.

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