WORKSHOP: Agile Work - Building Your Teams and Structuring Your Projects the Agile Style

13. 06. 2023 | 14.00 Uhr - 18.00 Uhr


During this workshop, participants will learn the basics of agile, its values,

principles, and ground definitions. This workshop aims to help participants

organise their work and build and lead their teams using the basics of agile



In the theoretical part, among other topics, we will talk about the basic definitions

(example - user stories) and discover what kind of agile teams there are, what

makes a team agile and what you can do to build one. 


In the practical part, we will dive into writing user stories, clustering them into

themes and epics, and prioritising them. This will help maximise output, allowing

running several projects smoothly simultaneously while saving time and effort.


Moreover, we will have time to go through the main parts of your potential or

existing projects to understand the possible dependencies, thus removing the

blocks from the way of any project’s completion, helping you understand the

following steps while keeping the big goal ahead. 









Please note that: 

  • This workshop is free of charge; only registration is required. 
  • This workshop will be held in English. 
  • This workshop is part of the Entrepreneurship Excellence Program and is necessary to get your Certificate of Completion.






The Entrepreneurship Excellence Program is designed for researchers and future

founders to learn the latest entrepreneurial tools and methods like Creativity,

Ideation, Design Thinking, Prototyping, Agile and Pitching in front of an audience to

be applied in their field of research or new business idea.

You will: 

  • Develop your skills with hands-on workshops. 
  • Get immediate feedback from a multidisciplinary group. 
  • Discover your potential as an entrepreneur. 
  • Meet Startups and scientists with experience in the field.




The program is totally flexible – you can participate in as many workshops as you

want. By completing the program, you will get a certificate of accomplishment

either on an academic track for those who want to learn the new methods to be

used in academia, or an entrepreneurship track, for the future founders who would

like to start a journey in entrepreneurship.



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Sprache:                                     English

Founders Co-working Space (Building 33, Room 1111, 1.OG.)
Free of charge
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