TEDxUniBw 2022

30. 06. 2022 | 16.30 Uhr - 21.00 Uhr

TEDxUniBw 2022

30.06.2022 @ 16:30 | UniCasino, Neubiberg


TEDxUniBw is an event organized by founders@unibw, the Entrepreneurship Center at UniBw Munich and it's an independent event operating under license from TED. We started in 2021 under the motto "Space" and this year we are back with the motto "Feel the POWER!".


TEDxUniBw is not like other conferences you have been to... here the focus is ideas worth sharing. It's a place where original ideas come together to make you think, spark converstations, discussions and connections. The motto for our TEDxUniBw event is POWER. You will hear about ideas pushing the limits, electrifying people and moving our society and world to the future.


We want to empower you to take these ideas with you and share them with your own community. How can these ideas help us to make the world a better place? 


Registration: here.


About the event:

  • Registration to the event is free of charge and are open until June 23rd.
  • There is a Grill-Party after the event! That costs 15,00 EUR per person
  • What is TEDxUniBw? Here you can find out.



UniCasino, Neubiberg
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