Research and development carried out at the Division of Sensor Technology and Measurement Systems (SMS) deals with intelligent sensors (SmartSensors) and intelligent sensor/actuator systems for use in measurement and automation technology.

The main focus of the activities at SMS is on the model-based design and optimization of one- and multi-dimensional signal processing to improve accuracy, precision and reliability as well as to reduce the costs of sensor systems. Automatic sensor monitoring and (re)calibration techniques with the ultimate aim of creating completely maintenance-free equipment is also conceptualized and tested.

Functional models as well as various measurement instruments and systems are constructed and tested in the very well-equipped workshops and labs at SMS.

Solutions to sensoric and measurement-related tasks are required in all areas of today’s industrialized society. This is why the use and application areas of SmartSensors are virtually unlimited. Work performed at SMS is particularly motivated towards increasing energy efficiency / saving resources, SmartHOME as well as diagnostic imaging.

The SmartHOME, located on campus, is run by SMS where a network of SmartSensor systems is evaluated and optimized. These systems are designed to increase energy efficiency and comfort as well as safety and security in both residential and functional buildings.

SMS is furthermore involved in the development of SmartSensors and related measurement technology that is customized to the needs of modern, energy-efficient aircraft.

Diagnostic imaging is becoming more and more dependent on SmartSensors and new methods for signal and image processing. With this in mind, SMS is primarily developing and improving ultrasound-based, non-invasive diagnostic imaging procedures for medical applications.

Strategic Research Areas @ SMS
Strategic research areas at the Division of Sensor Technology and Measurement Systems


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The research project SmartHOME (Trailer)