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Laufende Doktorarbeiten

Laufende Doktorarbeiten am Institut für Elektronik EIT4:

Wursthorn, Jonas                   

On-chip Monitoring, Sensing and Calibration of Millimeter - Wave Circuits
Al-Eryani, Jidan    Design of Voltage-Controlled Oscillators for mm-wave Applicarions
Karaca, Özlem   Quantitative Assessment of Functional Safety for Automotive Analog-, Mixed- Signal and Power-IC's based on Fault Injection and Statistical Simulation
Koch, Sebastian Robustness of high-speed Interfaces
Simon, Sebastian Constrained-Random and Coverage-Driven Verification of Mixed-Signal Systems
Forster, Christine Methodology to Assess the Application Fitness for Microelectronic Products
Kinzel, Bernadette Project ADMONT: Design of an integrated High-Voltage Driver for piezo-electric biomedical systems
Borggreve, David SAR ADC Design in a 28nm CMOS FD-SOI Technology
Bora, Pragoti Pran Sigma-Delta ADC Design in 28nm CMOS-SOI Technology for Sensor Applications
Ebenhöch, Stefan New systematic approach for simulation-assisted analysis of safety-related multitechnological systems in the design and development phase