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Multioperable Satellite Receiver

The goal of this research project is a multioperable satellite receiver, capable of receiving the navigation signals from GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellites. The usage of all three signal types can improve the availability of the positioning information in difficult surroundings e.g. street canyons. In addition the precision of the positioning information can be improved.
As a first step a RF frontend in conjunction with a broadband antenna was built in cooperation with RWTH Aachen (Prof. T. Noll). A signal simulator for testing the performance of the satellite reciever was developed in cooperation with RWTH Aachen (Prof. Noll).
This RF frontend is used for implementation of GNSS software receivers. The first receiver implemented in software is for GPS. The receiver and positioning software is implemented and deliveres positioning information via offline processing.

Research topics
  • multioperable receiver architecture
  • optimized signal processing

Active persons: M. Nebel, G. Sebald, B. Lankl
RF frontend

RF frontend for multioperable satellite receiver


Received spectra of GPS and GLONASS satellites


Correlation peak of GLONASS satellite number R8