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The provided measurement results were produced with the ARCHIMEDES MIMO channel sounder at the Munich University of the Bundeswehr.  The results are provided free of charge to anybody interested in. When using the results for own purposes, please acknowledge the Institute for Communications Engineering at the Munich University of the Bundeswehr for providing the measurement results and cite the paper:

C.A. Hofmann, D. Ogermann, B. Lankl, "Measurement Results for the Comparison of Multiple and Single Polarized MIMO Channels in LOS, NLOS, Indoor and Outdoor Scenarios", 17th International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas 2013 (WSA 2013), Stuttgart, Germany Mar. 2013

The results are provided in MatLab .mat files. For measuremet results in other data formats, please contact us.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further results not provided here.


Some general Information about the measurement results and the content of the files provided for download is given here.

The measurement results can be found here.

The list of measurement results will be further extended from time to time.

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