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The ARCHIMEDES channel sounder is built up from single modules that can easily be canged to achieve a flexible design. The block diagram shows all system components.



  • Tx and Rx are both controlled by a PC and connected with each other with a data link for exchanging measurement parameters and remote control.
  • A graphical user interface delivers acess to all settings and measurement parameters. The measurement control software provides instantaneous insight into the receved signal
  • The transmitter and receiver signal gain is controlled by a gain control unit that automatically sets the optimal gain at the Rx, while keeping the gain fixed during one measurement cycle.
  • Two OCXO reference oscillators ensure a 10MHz reference signal with very high accuracy.



Multi-Array with 8 dipole antennas used for the simultaneous measurement of different smaller multiple and single-polarized antenna arrays



ARCHIMEDES transmitter unit mounted inside a commercial car (Audi A3)