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ARCHIMEDES is a MIMO channel sounder developed and constructed at the Munich University of the Bundeswehr. It is developed for the estimation of the channel capacity of time-variant wideband MIMO channels. After the version 1 of the system with a bandwidth of 80MHz, the version 2 with a bandwidth of 180MHz was completed in 2012.

It is able to collect an 8x8 MIMO channel transfer matrix within very short time and with an extremely high repetition frequency. Hence, the system is well suited for measurement and model parameter extraction of fast time-varying MIMO channels. A compact design and a mobile power supply make it applicable in many different mobile scenarios.

Key Facts

• measurement mode: switched array
• center frequency:  2.3 GHz
• measurement bandwidth:  180 MHz
• antenna number Tx/Rx:  8/8
• resolution: 12 bit
• transmit power: 30dBm
• measurement duration 8x8: 250µs
• measurement repetition frequency (Doppler resolution): max. 4.0 kHz


Special Features

• fast data storage
• mobile power supply
• remote control
• GUI access to all measurement parameters
• instantaneous data evaluation
• modular concept for easy reconfiguration



measured time-variant impulse response


transmitter and receiver unit version 2


transmitter and receiver unit version 1