The research institute CODE, Team localos, and ITIS e.V. present the CTF 2019.

According to the motto "It mu5t be found", the event starts on 22nd of November.

We will provide a Jeopardy-Track. A successful qualification is the precondition,
to receive glory and honor. The qualifying will take place
online from 16th (18:00) to 23rd (18:00) of October. Information and access data will be provided

on time to the below mentioned contact person.

The main event is on-site at the Bundeswehr University Munich.

Each qualified team can consist of max. four members.

We want to emphasize that only one registration per team is required.

Your team members do not need to register seperately. Instead, please list them below.

If you are interested to participate as an observer or you have further questions concerning the registration, please contanct: ctf [at] unibw [dot] de.


Information about the Event

We like to inform you that your registration does not guarantee a firm participation in the main event. Nevertheless, a registration on this site is mandatory.

If you want to actively participate, you will have to successfully pass our qualifying. You will receive information about the qualifying after registration via e-mail.

Information about the contact person
Information about the team

Your team members do not need to register individually. Instead, here you can tell us their names. Please  write down their first and last name, and whether they are a member of the UniBwM. If you are also a participant, please write down also your name. Your team is allowed to have a size of 4 members.

Please tell us also the company/agency/organization your team represents. If you do not want this information shared publicly, please put "(not publicly)" in the relevant line. For internal purposes we ask you to share this information with us, even you do not wish to announce it.

Data Privacy Statement & Information on Picture and Video Recordings
Here you can find the data privacy statement of the Bundeswehr University Munich:
Confirmation of your registration
After registration, you will receive automatically a registration confirmation by e-mail. This applies to you as proof that you have successfully registered to the CTF. Further information on the CTF will follow via e-mail.
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