New research paper on mediation processes published

4 Januar 2022

At the beginning of the year, new reading material: The article "A Primer on the Conditional Mediation Analysis in PLS-SEM", authored by Christian Nitzl at the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies (CISS), has been published in The DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems. The article is the result of an international collaboration between Jacky Cheah Jun Hwa (Malaysia), José Luis Roldán (Spain), Gabriel A. Cepeda Carrión (Spain), Siggi Gudergan (Australia), and Christian Nitzl of the CISS. It provides methodological guidance on how so-called conditional mediation processes can be statistically modeled using structural equation models. In conditional mediation processes, among other things, it is investigated how process factors act between input and output factors and under which framework conditions. In this way, complex interdependencies can be investigated in greater depth.

More info on the article can be found here.