Structure – focus area Strategic Communication

The M.A. degree program Management & Media with focus area strategic communication is designed over four trimesters. Thereby, the first master courses begin during the trimester of the B.A. program – parallel with the Bachelor’ thesis. Overall the M.A. degree lasts one and a half years.

At the end 90 ECTS points must be reached in order to gain the M.A. degree. 25 credit points are awarded in the compulsory modules of the focus area strategic communication. 30 credit points must be gained through optional compulsory modules, whereby half (15 credits) must be completed in the university departments: at the moment there is a cooperation with the Department of Informatics. Additionally, 5 credit points must be earned through the central institution Studium plus as well as 30 credit points that are awarded for the Masters’ thesis. 



Here is a detailed overview of each degree program year:

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